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Jean Elliot

“Art is the habit of a lifetime.”

Jean Elliot was born in Blackpool, United Kingdom and has been living in The Hague, Holland, since 1976. An established artist who paints in modern day realistic style.

“Not only the expertise, but above all the modesty that she emanates in her work already struck me as very special.” – Fred Klomp

With her painting Jean has gained both national and international fame. In haar carrière heeft ze vele mooie werken getekend en geschilderd waar onder ook in opdracht van de

In her career she has drawn and painted many beautiful works some of which were for the OPCW,  De Eerste en de Tweede Kamer, Shell, Nato, British Drugs Liaison Office and various Embassies in The Hague.

“For me, drawing and painting means literally coming into the zone – a kind of quiet space in yourself, where harmony and supreme concentration go together.”

In her Studio in The Hague at the Thomsonlaan, Jean gives drawing and painting lessons. “I like to inspire people and awaken them creatively”.