• The secrets of the Mona Lisa

    Posted on december 10, 2015 by in Studio evenementen

    The Mona Lisa: bewitching, seductive, world famous. In the minds of millions, she is the ultimate work of art. Yet behind the enigmatic smile, she remains a mystery, fuelling endless speculation and theories.


    Art historian Andrew Graham Dixon uncovers the secrets of the Mona Lisa.

    But is that all about to change? Is the world’s most famous painting ‘The Mona Lisa’ finally giving up its secrets?

    Presented by Andrew Graham-Dixon, this landmark film uses new evidence to investigate the truth behind her identity and where she lived. It decodes centuries-old documents and uses state-of-the-art technology that could unlock the long-hidden truths of history’s most iconic work of art.

    Watch this program on Friday night 11-12-2015 on the BBC Two at 00.15 – 01.15 (Dutch time)

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  1. Daisy schreef:

    I saw this program last night on the BBC, it was brilliant! They have been able to uncover such secrets! Who knew! I think I’ll watch it again tonight šŸ™‚