• The Eye Patch

    Posted on juni 13, 2017 by in Jean

    EyepatchesIn February I developed a problem with my right eye which made me see everything double. I ended up in hospital for four days and was given heavy medication which I have to take for at least a year. Now after three months my eye sight has improved dramatically and I don’t  see double anymore.

    These are two of the eye patches that I was wearing to give my left eye a bit of peace. These were custom made by my daughter – Studio Jocelyn. These wear real ‘eye catchers’. One was made of Rembrandt’s Nightwatch which I have painted and the other was of Mondriaan’s Boogie Woogie.

    Now I have my sight back I am gradually starting to work again, with restauration and varnishing paintings. Also I have started a new series of drawings of cartoon monsters. Something totally different but great fun! Thank you to all my pupils who have sent cards and best wishes! To be continued….

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2 Responses so far.

  1. Ann Winton schreef:

    Love the eye patches and glad to hear that you are on the mend!

  2. daisy van der wiel schreef:

    glad to hear it going better Jean!