• Studio Jean and The Underground Exhibition Charities

    Posted on oktober 19, 2012 by in Studio evenementen

    You might have seen them in action, the five creative people plucked from the crowd by Wicked Wendy, during the Feel at home in The Hague Fair. Without warning they were thrust in the middle of the Atrium in front of three big canvases and challenged to paint three copies of Vincent van Gogh’s works. The canvases were pre drawn by Jean Elliot from Studio Jean.

    With the help and instruction of  Jean, in less than four hours the results were just amazing. The three big empty canvases were transformed in to beautiful copies of Vincent van Gogh’s master pieces.

    These canvases will be auctioned and the proceeds go to two charities.

    The two charities are Jacobs Hospice in The Hague and KIKA, a charity that helps children with cancer.

    If you would like to place a bid on any of the three canvases make sure to place your bid before the 15th of December.

    Please go to www.theunderground.nl to place your bid.

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